"The Contact Group tailored the program to
meet all our needs and more. The CRM they
created for us has everything you can
Mark Dorling
Business Development Manager
Wright Global Investments
"I thought we were just buying a piece of
software. What we got was a brilliantly
customised package!"
Claire Burgess
Coaching for Success
"The Contact Group were brilliant in breaking
down our processes, resulting in a complete
solution using ACT! in all areas of our
Jeremy Cabral
Marketing Manager

JEM Promotional Products
"ACT! has increased our efficiency 10-fold and seen our conversion rate increase from 12% to 59%!

I recommend ACT! to any company that deals with contacts."

John Arthur
General Manager

ACT! Hosting Services

Do you want to use ACT! but don稚 have a Server
for the job? Or maybe you just don't want to
bother with having to manage your ACT! Database yourself? Then the ACT! Hosting Service is for you!

There are 4 ACT! Hosting
Services to choose from.

Take a look through the table below to confirm which Hosting Service will be best for your business needs:
Ideal number of ACT!Users on service?* unllmited 5* 10* 20*
Australian Server?
Nightly (on-site) backup service included?
Off-site backup service included?
Static IP Address included?
SSL (Security)Certificaation included?
"Remote Desktop"access included?
ACT! Synchronistion service supported?
Support for multiple databases (if required)?
Integration with other Software?
Hard-drive space allocated (GB)? 10 10 10 250
RAM allcated? 1 1 1.5 4
Data Transfer IN (GB)? 3 3 3 3
Data Transfer OUT (GB)? 9 9 9 9
Terminal Service licenses included? 1 1 1 1
ACT! Software licenses included?
Private Server included?
Dedicated (Private) Server included?

So, what do you want to do now....?

Pricing Overview
SaaS is only $45+GST per user per month. Host5 is only $73+GST per month. Host10 is only $123+GST per month. Host20 is only $450+GST per month.

Additional Options:
An extra 4GB RAM is only $177+GST per month. An extra Dual Core Opteron CPU is only $177+GST per month. Additional Terminal Server licenses are only $9+GST each per month. Additional data transfer (20GB IN/60GB OUT) is only $200+GST per month. 5GB extra Hard-drive space is only $19+GST per month.

ACT! 6
ACT! 7
ACT! 8
ACT! 9
ACT! 10
ACT! 11
ACT! 12
* These user numbers are recommendations only. We have many clients successfully running with more than the recommended numbers indicated.

** SaaS is offered on a minimum 3-users & 3-month term. Then rolls over month-by-month.