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The ACT! Product Range

Having been the No.1 selling Customer Management
System for over 20 years, there are many version of ACT!
available today.

Quickly check out the different versions of ACT! below
to confirm which one is best for your business.

ACT! Pro

This version of ACT! is perfect for the small business. Designed for teams of up to 9 staff (maximum), ACT! Pro offers you the standard CRM functionality at a great low price. Click below for more information on this version of ACT!

ACT! Premium

This version of ACT! is better suited for larger businesses(10 or more staff), or businesses that need more advanced functionality, or those businesses that need tighter security for their CRM. Click below for more information on this version of ACT!

ACT! for Web

All the power of the Premium version is now fully Web based! This version of ACT! is best suited to businesses whose staff need remote access to their Customer database, and don't want to carry a laptop around with them. Lets you log onto ACT! from anywhere all you need is internet access! Click below for more information on this version of ACT!

ACT! Accounting Links

Do you use MYOB or QuickBooks for your Accounting system? Do you like the idea of having your front-office and your back-office integrated? Click below for more information on how to link your existing Accounting System with your ACT! database.

ACT! for PDA's and Mobiles

Do you or your team want to take ACT! out and about with you in your pocket! Integrate your Blackberry, Pocket PC, Mobile Phone or even your iPhone with your ACT! database directly! Click below for more information or to get an online demo.

ACT! Add-ons

Whilst ACT! delivers what most businesses need straight out of the box, there are over 1,500 ACT! Add-ons available, just in case ACT! can't deliver on one of your special requirements directly. Click below for more information on the various ACT! Add-ons available.

ACT! (old versions)

ACT! is the latest version, but maybe you want to buy copies of a previous versions of ACT!. Click below for access to all available old versions of the ACT! software.
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