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"ACT! has increased our efficiency 10-fold and seen our conversion rate increase from 12% to 59%!

I recommend ACT! to any company that deals with contacts."

John Arthur
General Manager

ACT! Pro

  • Market leader for over 21 years!
  • Over 4 million users worldwide!
  • Tested and proven the easiest to use!
  • The most awarded CRM solution in the world!


This version of ACT! is perfect for the small business. Designed for teams of up to 9 staff (maximum), ACT! Pro offers you the standard CRM functionality at a great low price.
  • Keep all of the information about your Prospects and Customers in one central place.
  • Allows all of your staff to share the critical information that drives your business every day.
  • Completely customisable to suit any business model perfectly – we have clients in almost every industry!
  • Give your team access to all of this critical business information – anytime and anywhere! One office or many; interstate or internationally; desktops, laptops or PDA’s...ACT! gives you the widest range of accessibility of any CRM in the market.
  • Quickly and easily log all phone calls, meetings, notes, emails, letters, and a lot more directly on the Customer record for instant access to all the information you need.
  • Built-in Calendar and Reminder system, so you’ll never forget a thing. Also integrates directly with your Outlook calendar!
  • A fully customisable Sales Pipeline so that you can easily manage all of your leads through every stage of your Sales process. Also integrates directly with Microsoft Excel for advanced reporting and data exports!
  • Create unlimited customised (and personalised) mail-merge and email-merge templates. You can send a fully personalised letter or email to one or 1000’s of contacts in just seconds! Also integrates directly with Microsoft Word!
  • Attach all of your documents (quotes, contracts, Application Forms, Letters, and so on) in one place – directly on your Customer record! It doesn’t get easier!
  • Integrates directly with such online applications as Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, Google and other social media tools! Harness the true power of the internet to help you close business and better manage your Prospects and Customers!
  • Full Dashboard functionality for instant access to Business Intelligence
  • Integrate your Blackberry, Pocket PC, Mobile Phone, or even your iPhone directly to your ACT! database. Get all the information you need without ever having to come into the office. Now that’s true mobility!

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